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Rest in Peace, Amelia. 5/14/13 - 7/27/13. http://cefalcons.tumblr.com/post/56632981673/rest-in-peace-amelia
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Rest in Peace, Amelia

It is with a very heavy heart that we share the news of Amelia’s passing today. She died at Spirit Filled Wings (a rehabilitation facility) during the early morning hours after being found injured at the GM Tech Center on July 25. She was found in an enclosed courtyard with an injury to her right wing and a small open wound near her elbow. The hope was that Amelia would successfully heal and return to her parents, however  it all just seemed too much for the little girl. While the facts are hard to swallow, it’s important to understand just how tough it is to survive as a baby Peregrine Falcon. The DNR’s note below will help give context to the situation.

Rest in peace, Amelia. We will miss you.

May 14, 2013 - July 27, 2013

Email from Christine Becher, Peregrine Falcon Nesting Coordinator, Michigan DNR:

I am so sorry to report that at approximately 12:24 a.m. on Saturday, July 27, 2013, I received at phone call from Linda Bianco, Raptor Rehabilitator at Spirit Filled Wings, that Amelia had taken a turn for the worse. Within ten minutes of that first call, I received another informing me that she had expired. 

A Necropsy (an autopsy performed on animals) will be performed to determine the cause of death.  Please know that receiving a Necropsy Report can take some time, but I assure you that the results will be shared as soon as I receive them.

I would like to take this moment to thank those folks who found Amelia grounded at the GM Tech Center and took the time to contact us so we could rescue her.  I would also like to thank Linda Bianco, Raptor Rehabilitator and Dr. Pasternak, Veterinarian for their valiant attempts at giving her aid.  I would also like to thank all of you, all of her well-wishers, who kept her in your thoughts and prayers.

Please keep in mind that even though Amelia had fledged weeks earlier, she was not yet an expert at flying; she was still in the learning stages of both flying and hunting.  Sadly, as you probably already know, Peregrine Falcons have an approximate 50-60% survival rate in the first year, and only 25% of birds make it through the second year.  It is however possible for a healthy falcon who survives those first two years to live to the average age of 13 years.

Not every bird will make it, we all realize that, but there are inspiring stories to be told that give us hope.  One case in point is Leopold who spent 13 of his 15 years at the Monroe Power Plant where he produced 33 chicks and fostered one young with “Sharin”, Monroe, “No-Name” and Millie.

I hope that you all take heart in knowing what a wonderful part you all had in watching Amelia in her short life.   Also, consider how the Peregrine Falcons have become one of the Endangered Species Act’s great success stories here in southeast Michigan.

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#CEFalcons Camera to Go Dark. Eyes to the Sky!

As you probably know, Amelia has quickly grown (both in size and independence) over the past couple of weeks, and is soaring the Warren sky on a regular basis. Her first stop was the Comerica building across the street, and after many returns, she has also invaded GM Tech Center’s territory. She flies with confidence, and we can only imagine how proud Mamma and Daddy Falcon must be.

With that said, we think it’s time to pull the plug on the live feed. Considering how active and mobile the falcon family is these days, the camera simply doesn’t do them any justice. Don’t worry though – we’ll keep an eye on the birds throughout their journeys, including the day when Amelia leaves the nest permanently. (Approximately in August/September.) Tear.

In the meantime, we’d like to thank everyone, including the DNR and all of our online friends, for the overwhelming support as we watched the miracle of life play out in real-time. It has been an amazing ride and we’re happy to have shared it with viewers across three quarters of the globe!

Best of luck to our baby girl, Amelia!

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Our baby girl, Amelia, has fledged. She’s all grown up. Aww.
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The Fledge Watch is in Progress at Campbell Ewald.
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Meet Amelia’s Parents

The DNR was onsite at Campbell Ewald last week and was able to get a good look at the adult falcons’ bands! We now know Daddy Falcon’s name (Mamma Falcon was not named at the time of her banding…so sad!), dates of birth and hatch locations. We’re pretty excited to know more about Amelia’s genealogy and think it’s cool that Mamma Falcon was born on Consumers Energy’s building…a client of CE!


  • Fish and Wildlife band: 1907-02817
  • Color Band:  black/red 74/X
  • Name: None
  • Sex: Female
  • Hatched: 2011
  • Banded at the Port Sheldon JH Power Plant (now Consumers Energy Campbell) Ottawa County, MI on 05/23/11


  • Fish and Wildlife band: 1126006700
  • Color Band: black/red *W/*A (sideways W over sideways A)
  • Name:  Magellan
  • Sex: Male
  • Hatched: 2011
  • Banded at the I-90 Bridge in Cleveland, OH 05/24/11

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A Message from the DNR.

#CEFalcons : The next few weeks will be exciting at Campbell Ewald as its young peregrine falcon, Amelia, learns how to fly. As you may have seen on the #CEFalcons webcam, Amelia has already been flapping and stretching her wings in preparation for flight and she’s even hopped out of her nest box! She now spends her time in a larger, safe space on the roof, where her parents are still protecting and feeding her. Today, June 21st, Amelia is 38 or 37 days old (depending upon which egg belonged to her) and will begin flying when she is about 42-45 days old.

Occasionally, as young birds like Amelia begin to develop their flight muscles, they may become stranded on the ground, unable to return to their nest. Should this happen at Campbell Ewald, the Michigan DNR has several specially trained staff and volunteer personnel standing by to assist, some of whom live just a mile from the building. These individuals have been trained in the safe capture of peregrine falcons and other wild animals. The DNR will be monitoring this site closely and the Campbell Ewald staff has agreed to alert us immediately if any situations arise day or night. The building is monitored by security personnel 24 hours a day and they have the necessary supplies to assist with a rescue.

However if you happen to spot Amelia on the ground as you go about your daily business, we ask that you take the following steps to bring her to safety: 

If Amelia is grounded in a safe place (on the grass or sidewalk), leave her there and alert an individual at Campbell Ewald’s front desk. (If it is after business hours, simply ring the bell.) Please, only handle Amelia if she is in immediate danger (i.e., in a roadway), and remember to consider your own safety when crossing traffic. If a situation does arise and you alert Campbell Ewald, they will then contact a DNR staff member who will retrieve Amelia, assess her for injuries and then either return her to the roof or transport her to a rehabilitation facility

We are touched that so many of you have taken such an interest in Amelia and hope you’ll join us in wishing her well as she begins the next phase of her life!

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Votes are in…Meet Amelia!

After 500+ name suggestions, and 4,000 votes we finally have a name for our baby girl falcon – meet Amelia. With 44% of the votes, “Amelia” was first submitted by one of our falcon fans, dubbed “Dot Bob”, who suggested the name because our little one will be a female aviation pioneer just like Amelia Earhart. We are making a $1,000 donation to the Michigan DNR in the winner’s name, and as an added bonus, National Geographic wanted to get in on the #CEFalcons action, and put together a generous prize pack (see below), including a bird seed feeder, binoculars and National Geographic’s “Bird Watcher’s Bible”. Thank you to everyone who submitted names, voted and helped share our #CEFalcons story – the response has been amazing.

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Votes are in…Meet Amelia! #CEFalcons
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Vote for your fave #CEFalcons name!

You sent us 500+ names…wow! We had a hard time choosing the Top 5 — here are the ones that touched both your hearts and ours.


Name Descriptions:

  • Amelia — after Earhart, of course.
  • Belle — a creative interpretation of Campbell Ewald.
  • CeCe — a double reinforcement of the Campbell Ewald acronym.
  • CeCelia — the more proper version of CeCe.
  • Leni — in honor of Paul Lenney, the man responsible for building the nest box in 2006.


  • Monday, June 10 (12PM EDT): Deadline for name submissions.
  • Monday, June 10 (3:30PM EDT): Voting begins.
  • Friday, June 14 (9AM EDT): Voting ends. Name with the most votes wins.
  • $1,000 donation will be made to the Michigan DNR in the name of the person who first suggested the winning name.

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Help name our baby girl!

#CEFalcons : Submissions are now closed. How exciting. We’ve got a baby girl. Now she needs a name. And who better to name her than the people who have watched her every day since she was just a little egg. To submit your name, please click on the link below:

Additional Details:

  • Monday, June 10 (12PM EDT): Deadline for name submissions.
  • Tuesday, June 11: Voting begins.
  • Friday, June 14 (9AM EDT): Voting ends. Name with the most votes wins.
  • $1,000 donation will be made to the Michigan DNR in the name of the person who suggests the winning name.

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